Our Mission is to:
Educate, motivate, inspire and transform our health journey together in community by building our interoceptive intelligence, knowledge base and wisdom in wellbeing.

Our Vision is to see:
In our well-being community we will become more resilient and adaptable so we can age dynamically and functionally, with independence for longer, as we live our lives to our fullest potential together.

How Do You Benefit

Busara Wellbeing is an interdisciplinary, multimodality approach to wellbeing. This is a fancy way of saying there are a lot of smart people out there with different perspectives and wisdom, so let’s learn from them all.

The benefit of having multiple approaches to wellbeing is that none is superior to another. Rather, you need a more integrated approach tailored to your particular body type and wellbeing needs.

Our breath and breath work can be used as tools to complement our well-being. Often Busara's process is, to begin with, our breath as a starting point, but it does not have to be. Choose the topic or modality that draws you in.

  • Decreased overall physical, emotional, environmental, social stress

  • The knowledge and understanding to make informed choices

  • Relaxed restorative vital breath that is adaptable and responsive to our changing environment

  • Adaptable and resilient mental health and physical body that functions well

  • Supportive and connected social supports

  • A philosophy and wisdom on living a prosperous life

Different Lenses On Viewing
Health & Wellbeing

Functional Breathing. Psychoneuroimmunology.

Allostasis. Hormesis. Stress Responses. Homeostasis.

Eustress vs Distress. Epigenetics. Coherence.

Interoception. Neuroception. Socioception.

Autophagy. Allopathic medicine. Biochemistry.

Dysautonomia (Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction).

Biomechanics and functional movement. Fascia