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Busara Wellbeing exists to empower individuals and communities to overcome decision fatigue and make independent choices relating to their personal health and wellbeing.

Offering scientifically supported and current information in bite-sized pieces, our courses support your wellbeing needs with hands on experience and coaching support.

Live the longer, more vibrant independent life you’ve always desired. Start healthy habits today that will become a part of your new identity and way of life.

Having the knowledge and wisdom to meet your own healthcare needs, your happiness and prosperity will rise to the occasion. Busara is designed to be complementary to allopathic medicine.

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Our Approach

Navigating the complexities of healthcare and science often leads to decision fatigue, where knowing what to do to take care of yourself can lead to more confusion than inspiration.

Busara Wellbeing is the place for you. We go through the scientific literature and shift through what the media influencers are promoting then break it down into manageable pieces. Busara then offers you the services that meet your needs and interests and sets you on the wellbeing path to live your life at a greater capacity.

  • Wellbeing Education

    Get access to an avenue to participate, voice your needs, and better understand your health and our initiatives that lead to a more robust and prosperous future.

  • Action Classes

    Combine the knowledge accessed from our Wellbeing Education modules and learn the 'how to'
    Types of classes include: mindfulness, breath work, functional movement, fitness.

  • Health Coaching

    Connect with trained professionals available for coaching to enhance your specific needs and understanding tailored to your individual circumstances.

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I recommend functional breathing; for me, it helped with anxiety, sinus congestion, and sleep apnea.

B (A Reformed Skeptic)

I am so grateful for learning functional breathing from Ber. Learning to breathe through my nose and use the other functional breathing tools has made a huge difference both to my sleep quality and when I am uncomfortable (whether physically or due to stress). My sinus congestion is much better, and I now know that just shifting the way I am breathing helps to clear my sinuses when they need it.

I have mild sleep apnea, and my sleep quality was better within a few days once I learned nose breathing. It’s simple and has been so helpful for me. I am glad that I kept going past my initial skepticism (I wondered how something so simple could make a difference?). I recommend functional breathing; for me, it helped with anxiety, sinus congestion, and sleep apnea. I’m glad I took a little bit of time it took to understand and start using these tools.

Helped my 9 year old with severe anxiety

KS (Edited For Confidentiality)

My 9-year-old has severe anxiety about anything healthcare-related, and needles are a big trigger. I brought her in shaking and breathing very fast.

When we got to the nurses’ station Ber was the nurse and she was beyond amazing with her. She was so patient and did not rush us. She did a breathing technique with her and was able to calm her down. In the end, my daughter was so proud of herself. It was helpful for her to have such a patient and understanding nurse.

Ber taught me new ways to manage my pain

Retired Nurse

I was a nurse for 40 years and thought I knew it all. While recovering from surgery I met Ber. After talking and being asked all the good nursing questions about my pain, Ber had a different perspective on what I was experiencing.

Ber taught me new ways to manage my pain. She explained why I was having that particular discomfort and what to do about it. To my surprise, the discomfort was relieved almost instantly. I was amazed by what she knew and how to apply it in the nursing setting without the use of any medication.

You were able to break down the process and gave me many strategies where it all made sense


I was so nervous coming in, I did not want to go and felt out of my element. I was almost certain I was not going to come back. Then I met you, Ber, you were so warm and welcoming which made me feel comfortable. I could see how you were able to meet others where they were at, and effortlessly related to them on their level.

For me, you were able to break down the process and gave me many strategies where it all made sense. I can see your passion and skill for teaching. I came in anxious wanting to leave and I left ready to come back, all because of you Ber.
Thank you


  • What does Busara mean?

    In Swahili, Busara means wisdom, reasonable, and advisable.
    With wisdom comes knowledge and understanding. With knowledge and understanding you have choices, take action, and influence the outcomes. This is the essence of Busara Wellbeing!

    All of our practitioners here at Busara have had their own health journey that led them to become leaders in their field. Through their personal and professional experience they have gained the wisdom to share with you insights to guide you on your journey.

  • What is Busara Wellbeing?

    Busara’s mission is to educate, inspire and transform lives to better our personal and community wellbeing. Being more adaptable, recover from stress and overwhelm faster, function well in day to day and in our aging lives. Wellbeing is more than health. It is nourishment for our: body and functions; for our joints and facia; for our mental and spiritual self; for our relationships with ourselves and those around us.

    Busara Wellbeing is an ecosystem that brings ancient wisdom and health improving techniques to our daily lives.

  • What services do you provide?

    1. Workshops and Webinars:
      Health education workshops and webinars to further your understanding of important components of our health and wellbeing.

    2. Classes:
      Participatory classes where you get to experience a particular practice that is aimed at your health and wellbeing. From movement and fitness classes to breath work and meditation to name a few.

    3. Health Coaching:
      One-on-one time with an experienced healthcare practitioner who is a specialist in their field aimed at a tailored approach to your particular needs, wants, outcomes to improve your health and wellbeing. This service is complimentary to the education and participatory classes where you needs may not be met in the group classes.
  • How to obtain Busara’s services?

    Go to All Courses, select the classes you'd like to take and sign up, sign the waiver, and wait for the email notifications for links to follow when the class is offered.

  • Are the classes and workshops Live or recorded?

    Watch and participate in live classes or watch the recording later.
    Can’t make the live classes? The recording will be available (time period will vary depending on content)

  • Do I pay for each class or subscription?

    Payment is taken upfront for each class, or workshop series.
    Subscription services will be an option in the future.
    Coupons and discounts will be offered periodically.

  • Practitioners/Coach Qualifications?

    Each practitioner/coach is a qualified health professional in their field. If they are in a profession that requires them to be regulated by a professional body, this registration is mandatory to be part of Busara’s team. They are all vetted and hold the necessary qualifications in their field and specialty.

  • What is Breathwork?

    Think of breathwork as a fitness class for breathing. You can have a calming recovery class or a hard workout - all with your breath.
    Before a person gets into intense breath work, it is important to be good at the recovery of one’s breath and how to down-regulate. Once this is mastered, breathwork can be as creative and responsive as fitness classes.
    It can be integrated into many other modalities aimed at health and well-being to compound the effects.

  • What is functional breathing?

    The definition of functional is something that is useful for its intended purpose.
    Using an analogy to explain functional further, imagine two cars. One is in constant repair and patched together, technically it works and is roadworthy, but not reliable, not consistently functional, and does not meet your needs. Then there is a car in good repair, well maintained, and works consistently as expected when expected (for example in cold weather), this car is functional and meets your needs.

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